Renegade Development

MyΒ free webinarΒ How To Plan Your Networking Strategy for a Literary Event in Just 30 MinutesΒ is available now! You can sign up for the course on Teachable or watch it on Youtube here. It clocks in at just under 15 minutes and comes with free downloadable course notes – in less than 15 minutes, learn how to change your networking strategy forever!

What does it mean to be a renegade? It means using your creative problem solving and communications skills to positively impact your development. It means tapping into your existing qualities and polishing them for real-world use. It means doing things differently.

As creative people, we often lack the natural ability or training to speak about ourselves with confidence, promote our work, make strategic connections with others, or turn our dreams into concrete plans.

But what if we had the resources, tools, and community to network, build our brand, tell our story, and set and achieve our goals?

Renegade Development provides tools, coaching, workshops, and free resources about personal and professional development topics for writers and storytellers to help them make their daydreams reality.

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