Old friends can be your best connections

This past weekend I saw a friend who I hadn’t seen in eight years. We met while backpacking in London 2007. While we only spent a little time together during that trip, we had some great conversations about art, travel, and our ideas for the future, and it was clear that we were kindred spirits. I stayed with him in Germany a few months later on my trip around the continent. In 2009, he came to New York and stayed with me. We kept in touch sporadically over the years, following one another’s travels and projects. Years often went by when we wouldn’t talk. Then, he messaged me on Facebook saying he was coming to New York on his last stop on a trip around the world before returning to Berlin.

London 2007

Acting on your thoughts
I have a list of people in my head that I rarely (or never) talk to, but should. Sure, there are toxic people who need to be gone from your life, mean people, uninteresting people, or people you just don’t have any real connection with. But if you want to rekindle a friendship – and you think or know other person does as well – what’s stopping you?

Like anything, contact sometimes needs a plan
Of course we all have friends we see often (sometimes too often…). But the Fab Five are not your only source of friendship, fun, and inspiration. I moved on from a Bullet Journal to a Passion Planner this week because I want to try out a new productivity/journaling method. My friend, Xandra,ย swears by her Passion Plannerย and she is one of the most productive creative entrepreneurs I know, so I figured I’d give it a go. I was super pleased to see a planning space for “People to See” in every monthly planning section. I think my to-do list sometimes trumps my to-see list, so I’m going to stretch myself and reach out to connections that need some TLC.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
My brand new Passion Planner

Take a (little, easy) chance
Make your own to-see list. But don’t reach out with the generic, “Hey, long time no see, how is everything?” message. Tap into the wonders of social media. Ask them about a recent move or a current job. Don’t just wait until you need something either. Sure, my friend wanted to catch up and a place to crash in Brooklyn, but he also asked about my book, and he has made a point to ask about my writing every time we’ve ever caught up. When the (re)connection is meaningful, it’s bound to be stronger, and so will your network.


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