Caitlin Elizabeth Harper lives in Brooklyn in an awesome apartment with her awesome husband and two super-awesome kittens, Bubble and Squeak. Her first novel, It Will Set You Free, was released in January 2017. It’s available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, or at your local bookstore.

Caitlin earned her BA in English at the University of Florida with minors in Linguistics and Entrepreneurship and her MFA in Creative Writing at The New School. She is the Operations Manager of Business Insider, the Donor Management Team Leader for the Harry Potter Alliance and a member of the the NYDA (its New York City chapter), a member of the Manhattan Gaels Gaelic football team, and a member of the Liberty Gaels camogie club. She is also the founder and host of the Renegade Reading Series, a reading series for emerging writers. She is obsessed with food, travel, and Harry Potter.

Caitlin destroying her bucket list by touching real whale bones on a beach in the Galapagos.